What payment methods I can use to get paid?
We make payments through PayPal at the moment.
When will I get paid?
We send payments from 15th to 25th of every month for the sales generated on the pre-previous month. For example, if you make 200 USD in January, the payment will be made starting from March 15th.
Is there a minimum amount needed to get payout?
Yes, the minimum payout is $20.
Is there anything I need to know before promoting?
You can use your affiliate program link anywhere you believe it’s proper to use. But we don’t honor spamming. You must be using the promotion techniques, which comply with our Terms and Conditions. If it’s not clear how you are referring users to Getflix, then you will need to provide this information to us.
Where do I see my sales?
All affiliates statistics can be seen in our affiliate page https://www.getflix.com.au/affiliates/ .
Can I use my own affiliate link for my own purchases?
No, you can’t use it. This will get you banned from our system.
How long the referral link stays on my referred peoples pc?
The cookie is set to 90 days. This means when a user registered in 90 days after clicks to your unique affiliate link, you earn commission. If your referred user registers for free account and pays for the service even after 90 days, you will get commission from that. There is no time-date-year limit.
What are the not allowed marketing methods?
SPAM, Clack-hat search engine techniques, spamming on blogs, forums, other commenting systems, any other type of illegal marketing and using materials which may infringe our intellectual property rights, including use of our Trade Marks (e.g. “Getflix”, “Smart DNS Proxy”, “SDP”, "Global Stealth, Inc.") in the domain name.
Can I do online advertising with PPC and PPV networks?
Yes, you may advertise with PPC and PPV networks like Adwords for Getflix using your affiliate program link. But you can't use our brand name or logo "Getflix" in the campaigns.