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Yes, you can unblock and watch Stuff outside New Zealand with Getflix Smart DNS & Smart VPN networks. Get started free here.

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Stuff is the biggest media website in New Zealand with a monthly unique audience of more than 2 million. The online service publishes New Zealand breaking news, weather, sport, politics, video, entertainment, business and life and style content from Stuff Ltd's newspapers, which include New Zealand's second and third-highest circulation daily newspapers, The Dominion Post and The Press, and the highest circulation weekly, Sunday Star-Times, as well as international news wire services.

Unfortunately, all the best Kiwi news is only available in New Zealand as the service is geo-restricted. It means that anyone trying to access the stream from outside New Zealand will see the message that the content is not available in their location.

If you live in another part of the world or travel on holiday or business abroad and still want to have access to Stuff from the US, Canada, UK, Australia, Europe or Asia, you need to do something that will make your streaming device avoid being detected as coming from outside New Zealand. This can easily be done by taking part of your traffic responsible for revealing your location via a dedicated server. Your original IP is not changed so you can still access your favorite local websites.

How to access Stuff outside New Zealand with Smart DNS

All can be done in a few simple steps. First, sign up with Getflix for a 14-day free trial. Register your IP in our data base and configure your device for Getflix Smart DNS. The service is available for many operating systems and devices and detailed instructions for can be found here. You can also configure your home network by setting up your home router with Smart DNS. All your devices connected to this network will have access to geo-blocked services available with Getflix including Stuff.

The setup process is quite simple and does not need any special skills or equipment. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse or taps in your screen. If you run into any problems, our support is always ready to help you out. Simply contact us for assistance or go to our Knowledge Base.

Stream Stuff outside from around the world with Getflix Smart VPN

Getflix also gives you another solution that can help you access geo-located websites like Stuff. Thanks to Smart VPN, your entire Internet traffic is rerouted directly to the dedicated server located in a selected location allowing you to access not only Stuff but many other streaming platforms. You may be at the opposite part of the world and you will still reach a New Zealand server which will allow you to see the Stuff shows.

Smart VPN is also an excellent choice for those who want to stay secure and anonymous online. Due to heavy VPN encryption, your passwords, files and sensitive data will be protected from being hacked or stolen. Using a free Wi-Fi spot at the hotel, cafe or airport is no longer a problem because Smart VPN will not allow someone to get hold of your password to a banking app or your sensitive files.

Join us for a full membership and use the best Getflix solution to unblock Stuff from anywhere outside New Zealand.

Get started with a 14 days free trial.

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