Watch CBC Free From Anywhere In The World

Yes, you can watch CBC free from anywhere in the world with Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN network. Get started for free here.


CBC or Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, is the oldest, largest national public television and radio broadcaster in Canada. It covers plethora of topics including live news, arts and music, comedies, series, documentaries, kids programming, sports and many other areas.

CBC streaming content is restricted to the area of Canada, US-Canada border and several Caribbean and Bermuda areas. If you are living anywhere outside those areas or are traveling or temporarily living in Europe, Asia, Australia or Africa, your access to CBC programming will be blocked by geographical location detected by the CBC servers on the basis of your IP.

Watch CBC outside Canada with Smart DNS

One you try to stream CBC content from outside Canada, your IP gets detected by the service as not coming from the eligible territory. Even if you have a subscription with a given service and you should be fully entitled to watch it but you happen to be traveling abroad on business or holiday, you won’t be able to do that

Smart DNS will redirect some of your Internet traffic to the server which has been especially prepared for us and located in Canada making you appear as if you actually were in Canada. Your original IP is not changed and the connection does not slow your traffic so you will be able to get access both to geo-located services and your local sites.

You can either set up your entire home network to connect to geo-blocked services by setting up your router to work with Getflix Smart DNS (detailed instructions on how to do it can be found in our support section) or you can configure your device and take it with you wherever you go. You only need to sign up with us for a 14-day free trial, enable Smart DNS to redirect your connection and watch your favorite shows on the go.

If you have any problems configuring any of your devices, you can always contact us and ask for help. Our engineers are always happy to help you sort any issues that you might have with proper configuration. We’re live 24/7 and you will always get help if you need one.

How to stream CBC from outside Canada with Getflix Smart VPN

If you want to feel secure on the web, you can choose another option to gain access to Canadian services. Smart VPN hides your IP, fully encrypts your Internet connection and redirects all your traffic through a dedicated VPN server which is located in Canada.

Our VPN apps are available for most of operating systems and Internet-enabled devices. Our regular users have access to Smart VPN – a cutting edge technology which can both enable you to have access to geo-restricted services like CBC in Canada and keep you secure. This is especially useful when you try to use the Internet in unprotected open Wi-Fi spots widely available in hotels, cafes, airports and many other public places.

No matter which way you want to access geo-restricted services, you can still count on Getflix Smart DNS or Smart VPN. You’re in safe hands and you can get access to hundreds of great streaming services supported by Getflix.

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