Stream CBS Outside the US

Yes, you can watch Crackle Movies free from anywhere in the world with Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN network. Get started for free here.


CBS – the “Eye Network” (the reference of the company’s trademark that has been used since 1951) is one of the most respected commercial American TV and radio broadcasters and belongs to the Big Three American broadcast television networks (ABC, CBS and NBC – by the way, all of them are available with Getflix Smart DNS).

CBS started out as a radio broadcaster with the primetime lineup of music, comedy and variety shows later followed by serial soap operas and, finally, news. The history of the CBS radio is full of incredible events. To name just a few: the first time the world ever heard the voice of Charlie Chaplin (the silent film era eminence) happened on CBS. Another famous incident is the 1938 panic caused by the H. G. Wells’s story The War of the Worlds which was broadcast in the form of faux news format making many listeners believe that they were actually under the Martians’ attack.

CBS is a great streaming platform that needs no introduction. Plethora of dramas (NCISElementaryS.W.A.T.), comedies (Murphy BrownThe Big Bang TheoryMan with a Plan), non-scripted and reality shows (SurvivorBig BrotherWhistleblowerGrammy Awards), game shows (The Price is RightLet’s Make a Deal), talk shows (Late night shows with James Corden and Stephen Colbert), news coverage (60 minutes48 Hours) or sports (NFL, PGA Tour, The Super Bowl) cater for every taste and supply you with thousands of hours of entertainment.

How to watch CBS outside America with Getflix Smart DNS

The problem appears when you try to stream the CBS content from outside the US. You IP gets detected by CBS servers as not coming from the eligible location which prevents you from streaming any programs.

The best way to stream CBS content from anywhere around the world is to use Getflix Smart DNS. The technology allows you to access hundreds of geo-restricted services from any location. If you travel outside US or simply live in Europe, Asia or Australia, sign up with Getflix for a 14-day free trial, configure your device(s) to be used with Smart DNS and start watching. As simple as that.

If you stumble upon any problem while setting up your devices, you can always contact our support and ask for assistance. They will be happy to help you with any problems.

Smart DNS is a technology which takes part of your Internet traffic through one of our American servers and, without the loss of speed and changing your original IP, allows you to access US-based services including CBS. At the same time, your ability to enter your local websites remains intact so you have access to any service of your choice.

Use Smart VPN to access CBS outside the US and stay safe online

Are you traveling? Are you staying abroad for business or holiday? Do you need a secure mobile access to your banking account or business documents? Do you want to access CBS on the go? If answer to any of those questions is ‘yes’, you are in the right place. Smart VPN allows you to do all those things without worrying that someone will hack your password or compromise your data.

All your traffic is encrypted and goes directly to the US-based server through a secure virtual tunnel and hides your IP thus making your online activities completely safe and anonymous. Once you become our regular subscriber, you will have access to all those amazing options to unblock geo-restricted services and stay connected to all websites wherever you are.

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