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Disney Plus (or Disney+ as it is officially marked) is a premium subscription video-on-demand service which is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company and includes content from Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lucasfilm/Star Wars, Marvel, National Geographic and Pixar studios. The platform also gives you possibility to opt for Hulu and ESPN+.

The service was one of the most anticipated platforms in recent years as it gathered big studios and the wide range of titles raging from classic Disney tales to recent blockbuster productions od Marvel Cinematic Universe. The success of the Mouse House streamer is reflected by a huge number of subscribers and the plans of expanding the service across the whole world.

The areas which are served by Disney+ include Australia, Austria, Canada, Channel Islands, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Puerto Rico, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. Two factors are important here. One – the service is geo-blocked and restricted only to specific areas of operation. Two – as it usually happens, its original American content is the best.

Unblock Disney Plus using Getflix Smart DNS

In order to avoid being detected as an outside-US user, you need to make sure that Disney’s location tracking sees your location as eligible for streaming. Thanks to Getflix Smart DNS technology, your traffic is routed through US servers thus making it possible for you to watch Disney Plus US while keeping your IP and accessing any other websites of your choice. We will be happy to help you with the setup process which can either be done on individual devices or operating systems or on your home router making your entire home network an open gate to streaming geo-blocked content from many platforms.

There are several details to be remembered while setting up the account with Disney Plus US (such as using a US-issued credit card which may be replaced by a US prepaid card) so if you decide to try Getflix to watch Disney plus content, make sure to sign up with us and properly configure your devices. Our engineers and our support section will be ready for you to help you navigate through any issues that you may encounter.

Online security with Getflix Smart VPN

Looking for online security while browsing Internet using public hotspots? You came to the right place. Remember that open Wi-Fi sports (found in many open areas, airports, restaurants or hotels) are easy to hack and logging into your banking app to pay the bill at the hotel may be the last time you saw the money in your account. Don’t get yourself caught with your passwords or data exposed to anyone and use our VPN app for secure and fully encrypted browsing. You may also use VPN to stream from many platforms. It all depends on how safe you want to be.

Join Getflix for 14 days for free and check all our possibilities. Endless hours of entertainment are at the reach of your hand. And a few clicks of the mouse.

Get started with a 14 days free trial.

No credit card required.

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