France TV 3

France TV 3


Unblock France TV 3

Yes, you can unblock and watch France TV 3 outside France with Getflix Smart DNS & Smart VPN networks. Get started free here.

France TV 3

France 3 is a French, free-to-air channel which is a part of a national TV group France Télévisions along with France 2France 4France 5 and France Ô. France Télévisions also participates in Arte and EuroNews. It broadcasts over multiple platforms and focuses on specialist and cultural programming. However, its full programming is only available in France.

The service offers the children block Okoo as well as news bulletins, documentaries, sports, entertainment programs and imported content including such shows as A Touch of FrostLewisInspector George Gently and Midsomer Murders. It contains programs in several regional languages such as Occitan, Breton, Corsican and Alsatian.

Geo-restricted services are only available in their operating area and attempts to stream them from anywhere else ends up with the message that the content is not available for your location. This happens because the streamer’s servers detect your IP as not coming from the eligible area and block your stream.

How to stream France 3 outside France with Smart DNS

The first thing that you need to do is to sign up with Getflix. You have 14 days of free trial to try our services. Then, you have two ways to deal with the geo-blocking problem – you can either configure the device of your choice to work with Smart DNS or set up your home router for your entire home networks to be ready to access geo-located services like France 3 (or many other platforms available with Getflix).

Smart DNS works it magic by redirecting the part of your Internet traffic which is responsible for revealing your location via a dedicated server thus allowing you to access France 3 and other geo-blocked services from anywhere in the world. Your original IP is not changed (so you can access your local websites as well) and your connection speed is not affected either.

Watch France 3 with Getflix Smart VPN

Smart VPN is another possible solution for circumventing geo-restrictions. This technology encrypts your entire traffic and takes it through a virtual tunnel directly to the server located in the country of destination. Your IP is hidden and your online activities are fully protected and anonymous. You don’t need t worry about anyone trying to steal your valuable data or track down your activities.

If you use a dedicated Getflix Smart VPN server, you will be able to gain access to geo-located services like France 3 and watch the content which is otherwise unavailable to you due to geographical restrictions. Smart VPN also provides you with the possibility to browse the Internet in a safe way. Whether you want to access the streaming platforms, log into your banking app or retrieve your files from your business email – Smart VPN makes sure that no one will be able to compromise your connection.

Try us for free for 14 days, become our regular subscriber and use the full potential of your technology.

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