Unblock and Watch Crunchyroll outside the US

Yes, you can unblock and watch Crunchyroll outside the US with Getflix Smart DNS & Smart VPN networks. Get started free here.


Are you into anime and manga? This is Crunchyroll - the ultimate service for the genre. Over 900 anime shows, 50 manga titles and more than 200 East Asian dramas plus, following February 2020, a slate of Crunchyroll Originals. An absolute must for all genre lovers and a great source of the Japanese animation.

Crunchyroll, just like most of other services of its kind is, unfortunately, geo-restricted. What it actually means is that, if you happen to be living outside America, you won’t be able to stream its content. It doesn’t matter of you are outside US because of travel, business, or simply live in the UK, Europe, Asia or Australia – your IP will be detected as coming from outside US and your access to your favorite anime and manga shows will be blocked.

How to watch Crunchyroll outside US with Smart DNS

If you want to gain full and unrestricted access to Crunchyroll outside US, there are several simple steps that you need to take. First, you have to sign up with Getflix (you have a 14-day free trial at your disposal to test our services), then you need to configure your device to work with our Smart DNS (if you experience any problems with it, contact us for help), and you are ready to stream the best of Crunchyroll from anywhere outside US.

The good thing is that you don’t need to download any extra software, no extra equipment is needed – everything is based on proper configuration of your existing devices. Crunchyroll is available for a number of systems and devices (iOS/iPadOS, Windows PCs and Windows phones, PlayStation 3 and 4, PlayStation Vita, Wii U, Xbox One, Xbox 360, Chromecast, Apple TV, Roku and Amazon Fire TV devices.

Smart DNS works in a very sophisticated way sending the part of the Internet traffic which is responsible for your location through a dedicated US-based server thus making Crunchyroll servers not recognize your IP as coming from outside US. However, your original IP remains unchanged so you can easily access your local websites as well. The solution is fast, safe and convenient.

Stream Crunchyroll outside America with Smart VPN

Getflix can also work its magic using a different solution – Smart VPN. VPN is a dedicated, encrypted tunnel which redirects your entire Internet traffic via a special server which is located in the US making your connection go directly to the point of destination. Your IP is changed into the one of the US origin, your connection is fully secured by heavy encryption and all your activities are anonymous.

By using Smart VPN (which is a cross between VPN and Smart DNS solutions), your connection is save from anyone trying to hack into your data and fast enough to unblock Crunchyroll (and other geo-blocked serviceson Getflix offer). Smart VPN is virtually indispensable while using unprotected Wi-Fi networks widely available in public areas (hotels, restaurants, airports, etc.).

Subscribe to our service, become our regular user and open the window to hundreds of streaming services. If you are looking for Crunchyroll fun (or other great movies and show across hundreds of geo-restricted channels), you’re in the right place to choose your favorite services.

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