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Watch ABC News Outside the US

You can watch ABC News Outside the US with Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN network. Get started for free here.

ABC News

ABC, or American Broadcasting Corporation, is one of the largest and oldest US television networks and pay-television providers that, by affiliations with numerous stations, caters for practically all tastes of TV viewers.

ABC News is a news division of the ABC with current affairs daily programming, newscasts and shows. ABC News also includes ABC News Live which is a 24/7 live streaming video news channel available through Roku, Hulu, Sling TV, Xumo and other platforms.

Use Getflix Smart DNS to watch ABC News outside US

ABC News Live is one of the most comprehensive news platform in the world with 18 hours of programming broadcast daily. However, as it is based in the US, its streaming is limited to the US territory and once you go abroad on holiday, travel on business or live in a different part of the world, you won’t be able to watch your favorite news.

There are a few simple steps that you need to take to have access to ABC News all over the world. Thanks to Getflix Smart DNS, your Internet traffic gets rerouted to our US-based servers thus making it possible for you to watch ABC News programs anywhere you are on various devices. You simply configure the device to work with our Smart DNS and you have access not only to the whole ABC network but also to hundreds of other geo-located services available with Getflix. 

Getflix Smart VPN and geo-blocked services

Geo-located services like ABC News can be unblocked in a few ways. One of them is Smart DNS (described above). Another one is Smart VPN which is based on encrypted “tunnel” connection directly to an American server. Your IP is masked and all your traffic is hidden from anyone outside.

If you want to watch ABC News outside US, you simply choose a VPN server that you want to access, and the Smart VPN technology does the rest. Your connection is scrambled, your traffic is sent directly to a specific server and your IP is detected as coming from the US. You are now able to access geo-blocked sites from outside United States. Additionally, your connection is secure and you can use it while accessing your email, your banking app or any other service to which you want to protect your access, for example, from open and unprotected Wi-Fi spots (in hotels, airports, cafes, etc.)

Sign up with us and gain access to all ABC services along with other streaming platforms from anywhere in the world.

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