How to watch AMC outside US

Yes, you can watch AMC outside the US from anywhere in the world with Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN network. Get started for free here.


AMC, or American Movie Classics, is an American video-on-demand cable television channel which is a flagship of AMC Networks – one of the largest American entertainment company associated with such giants as BBC Studios, AMC Theaters and many independent art house movie theaters and studios.

How to watch AMC outside US with Smart DNS

AMC, just like many other geo-located services, is unavailable if you want to watch it in Canada, Australia or Europe. Even if you have your American subscription but need to travel outside US, you won’t be able to watch your favorite programs. Your IP will be detected as non-eligible.

Getflix Smart DNS enables you to access AMC from anywhere in the world by redirecting your traffic to American servers. It sounds quite complicated but actually there is nothing difficult in what you need to do. You simply have to sign up with us for a free trial, configure your equipment to work with our DNS (it takes a few clicks of the mouse and practically no technical skills) and you’re ready to stream your favorite AMC shows (including hits like Breaking BadThe Walking DeadBetter Call SaulMad MenJames Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction and many others).

How to unblock AMC with Smart VPN

Apart from Smart DNS, you also have another tool at your disposal. Smart VPN – a great technology which keeps your Internet connection, secure, private and anonymous. By creating a virtual, direct tunnel to one of our dedicated American servers, your encrypted traffic goes straight to the point of destination and you have access to AMC outside US. This includes hundreds of other services that we support.

Stay safe online with Getflix Smart VPN

Smart VPN is also useful if you want to connect to free, open but unprotected Wi-Fi spots that can be found in many places like cafes, hotels or airports. If you want to protect your passwords, access to your banking application or any valuable data that you share over the Internet, Smart VPN is a must. Your connection is heavily encrypted and the data is safe from any prying eyes that might want to hack or steal it.

Become our regular user and exploit all possibilities that Getflix Smart DNS and Smart VPN has to offer wherever you are and whatever device you use.

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